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Parts Maintenance

  • P1 Carbu Clean
    Improves carburetion. Carburettor cleaner formulated to eliminate deposits, varnishes and gums.

    Packaging 400mL spray
    NZ$ 19.80
  • P3 Tyre Repair
    P3 Tyre Repair repairs and re-inflates tyres instantly without disassembly or tools. Its latex based formula does not deteriorate either the inner tube or tyre.

    Packaging 300mL spray
    NZ$ 30.70
  • P4 E.Z Lube
    E.Z. Lube is a multi-purpose fluid lubricant: unblocks, lubricates and protects from corrosion all metal parts by depositing a protective film.

    Packaging 400mL spray
    NZ$ 17.10
  • Parts Clean Moderate Dry
    Parts Clean Moderate Dry is a multipurpose non-chlorinated degreaser. It has longer drying time and strong mist from the spray nozzle It is specially formulated to effectively degrease metal parts with oil and brake fluid residues.

    NZ$ 20.00 each
  • P2 Brake Clean
    Each part of the vehicle needs specific care.
    Product category: Mechanical Parts MaintenanceMotul® MC CARE ™ P2 Brake Clean is a very powerful non-chlorinated degreaser for brake discs and drums, clutches, spark plugs.
    Effectively removes oil, grease, brake fluid, tar and dust.

    Packaging 400mL spray
    NZ$ 17.10