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General Kart Parts.


  • Fuel Line  (per meter)
    Standard Fuel Line 1 Meter
    NZ$ 9.00
  • Kartsport NZ Approved Rain Light for Road Racing.
    Narva Slimline Stop Tail Light as prescribed in the Kartsport NZ rule book for Superkarting.
    NZ$ 49.00
  • Spring Puller with PE Coating
    With Spring Puller springs will never be a problem again, great for your exhaust spring removal, tank or seat springs, cotter pins, side stand springs and other parts.
    Just the right amount of hook and with the PE coated handle an excellent grip is acheived.
    Leave your screwdrivers behind and your knuckles intact!
    PE coated handle.
    Chromoly shaft
    Width of handle: 82mm
    Length of shaft (handle to tip): 155mm
    NZ$ 15.00
  • Vrooam Factory Racing 2T Kart Engine Oil
    For high-performance air and water cooled 2-stroke kart racing engines and other 2-stroke Powersports racing engines. Excellent lubrication and performance for ultra-high rpm’s. Ultimate engine lubrication and protection, cleanliness and low smoke. Provides excellent throttle response due to superb lubrication and low friction. For all racing premix 2-stroke racing engines with a mixing ratio as specified by the manufacturer.
    NZ$ 41.00

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