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  • Safety Wire Pliers 6 inch
    These pliers are also great for wiring any parts subjected to loosening from vibration such as nuts & bolts, drain plugs, motorcycle parts or hoses.
    These pliers are really three tools in one - wire cutter, wire twister and a pair of pliers. You can grip, twist and snip faster and easier. To operate, just grasp wire, pull handle - it puts any number of twists needed. Spring loaded return. Measures 6in long.

    Please note these Pliers only twist in a clockwise direction and not in reverse.
    NZ$ 40.00
  • Spring Puller with PE Coating
    With Spring Puller springs will never be a problem again, great for your exhaust spring removal, tank or seat springs, cotter pins, side stand springs and other parts.
    Just the right amount of hook and with the PE coated handle an excellent grip is acheived.
    Leave your screwdrivers behind and your knuckles intact!
    PE coated handle.
    Chromoly shaft
    Width of handle: 82mm
    Length of shaft (handle to tip): 155mm
    NZ$ 15.00